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Creating A Brighter Future For Your Family

Even the most agreeable divorce is still painful and creates a major shift in a family. Once the case is over and the divorce is final, however, you do have hope for a better future for you and your children. In order to achieve that goal, however, you need proper legal guidance and an attorney who will put your best interests first.

I am Douglas S. Haynes, Attorney at Law, and I have over 25 years of experience helping clients throughout the Louisville area with their divorce cases. Whether you are able to resolve your divorce through mediation or must take your case to trial, I have the knowledge and skills to fight for the best outcome possible for you.

Common Issues In Divorce

Although every divorce is as unique as the family involved, common legal issues emerge in many cases. Those legal issues include:

  • Filing for divorce – You must meet certain state law requirements to file for divorce in Kentucky.
  • Division of property – The law separates marital and nonmarital property and debts for division during divorce.
  • Child custody – If you have children, the court must approve a child custody and visitation arrangement.
  • Child support – The court will apply statutory guidelines to determine who will financially support the children.
  • Spousal support/maintenance – In certain cases, the court may require one party to pay support to the other party, either temporarily or permanently.

In addition, Louisville is home to many military families. I have experience handling military divorce and the specific issues that arise in those cases.

How Is Custody Decided In Kentucky?

Custody is often the most contentious issue in a divorce. Emotions run high when the parties disagree over how much time each parent should have with their child or children. If the parents cannot agree, the court will decide what type of custody and parenting time arrangement is in the best interest of the child. To do so, the court takes many factors into account, such as:

  • The child’s relationship with each parent
  • The child’s relationship with other family members
  • Mental and physical health of all parties
  • Evidence of domestic violence or substance abuse

Custody and parenting time are two different things in Kentucky. Custody allows one or both parents to make legal decisions regarding the child, but parenting time determines how much time the child spends at each parent’s home. I understand the importance of your relationship with your child, and I will make its protection a top priority.

Understanding Property Division

Kentucky law assumes that any property you and your spouse acquired during your marriage is marital property and will be divided in the divorce. Nonmarital property is property one of you either brought into the marriage or received by gift or inheritance. Under Kentucky Statute 403.190, the court divides the marital property into “just proportions.” This may not mean 50/50, but rather, takes several factors into account.

I have decades of experience handling even the most complicated property division issues. As your advocate, I will argue for an outcome that safeguards your future financial health and well-being.

Discuss Your Divorce With Me

Whatever legal issues are weighing most heavily on your mind regarding your divorce, I can help. Discuss your case with me in a free confidential consultation. To schedule, call 502-684-9969 or fill out my online contact form.